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What NRA Certified Instructor means.

Being an NRA Certified instructor does NOT mean the instructor is an employee of the NRA, nor does the NRA endorse one NRA Certified Instructor over another. It does mean that the NRA has approved of the training materials and practices of the instructor and ensures that the instructor's training process and materials meet the highest levels of quality and safety. NRA instructors attend a rigorous training program and follow strict guidelines that meet NRA approval. NRA Certified Instructors agree to follow stringent ethical guidelines, use NRA approved training materials, and meet the qualifications established by the NRA to use the title NRA Certified Instructor.

On Target Firearms Training is a private company that is proud to employ NRA Certified Instructors, and is not a subsidiary of the NRA or the NRA Headquarters Range.

On Target Defensive Training is a Utah-based company, and is privately owned. It should not be confused with other companies or organizations with similar names. Our sole business is basic firearms safety and marksmanship training.

On Target Training
On Target Training, a tactical and advanced training facility and range in Western Virginia is not affiliated with On Target Defensive Training, but we do think they are a fine company and do recommend them to law enforcement and security personnel looking for more advanced professional training.

National Rifle Association and the NRA Headquarters Range
While several of our instructors are part-time employees of the NRA Range and the NRA, and while we do rent facilities from the NRA Range and the NRA for some of our training, On Target is a private company. We do use NRA Certified Instructors for our training, but On Target is responsible for ensuring that this training meets NRA Certified Instructor guidelines and standards. On Target is not an NRA company, and the NRA is not responsible for any aspect of our instruction, nor do they endorse On Target any more than they endorse any of their Certified Instructors, Coaches, or Counselors, except to ensure that NRA Certified Instructors adhere to the highest level of ethics and professionalism.

Senior Firearms Instructors (SFI)
Occasionally, On Target Defensive Training will refer students to courses offered by Senior Firearms Instructors (SFI). SFI is a private company and is not affiliated with On Target. In Many cases, range instruction for SFI and On Target classes will be provided by NRA Certified Instructors who perform this service for both companies as well as on their own. These instructors are independent contractors.

Basically, the defensive training community consists of several providers of services who often work together and and refer students to others who meet their high standards. We are not overly competitive and in many cases we are very good friends who are similarly committed to the safe handling of firearms and increasing proficiency and accuracy. If On Target cannot meet your needs due to scheduling, individual needs, group size, or course requirements, we are happy to refer you to others who share our commitment to quality and customer service.


The cost of ignorance is far higher than the price of our training.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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