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This article will be controversial. I believe that is a good thing. Controversy is intended to make people think, rather than just accept the standard bullet points they are fed by those who seek to influence them. Both sides of this debate are guilty of rehashing the same tired talking points. This will be a new thought to many; one they have likely not considered before.


Chief Instructor Dan Kidder reviews the Smith & Wesson Shield for Sportsman's News Television.

Chief Instructor Dan Kidder reviews Adventure Medical Kits for Sportsman's News Television.

Chief Instructor Dan Kidder reviews Doubletap Ammunition for Sportsman's News Television.

Dealing With Emergencies
The Spectrum and Daily News
February, 16, 2012
By Cathy Wentz

Home Defense Tactics
Tips and tools to make defending your castle a winning proposition.
Sportsman's News Magazine
February 2011

Aftermath: A Legal Horror Story
This article titled, The Three Headed Monster: A True Story, from the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network Journal, should be required reading for anyone who thinks they know when deadly force is justified. It serves as a reminder that self defense minded prosecutors are rare and a shooting, even if justified, will change your life forever.

Breaking silence: Taking a stand on violence against women
The Spectrum, St. George, UT
March 19, 2010

Women learning to protect themselves from danger
The Southern Utah University Journal
Sept. 14, 2010

Selecting A Concealed Carry Gun That Fits
Sportsman's News Magazine
October 2007 (1.9 Mb PDF Download)

Selecting A Concealed Carry Holster That Fits
Sportsman's News Magazine
December 2007

Building Your Personal Protection Kit
Sportsman's News Magazine
April 2008

Always Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight
Sportsman's News Magazine
May, 2008

Let There Be Light
Sportsman's News
June 2008

Pepper Sprays
Sportsman's News
July, 2008

The Tactical Advantage of Lasers
Sportsman's News
August 2008

On Target Recommends the following reading

Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence
Gavin de Becker, the nation's leading expert on predicting violent behavior, proves that we are all qualified to answer life's highest-stakes questions. "True fear is a gift," he says, because it is a survival signal that sounds only in the presence of danger; yet unwarranted fear has assumed a power over us that it holds over no other creature on earth. It need not be this way. In this book, de Becker shows that you can already predict violent behavior. Through dozens of compelling stories from his own career, he lays out the pieces of the human violence puzzle and shows how you can solve it by paying attention to the subtle - and sometimes blatant - signals of intuition. As he says, "You can refuse to be a victim." Filled with unique and surprising insights into human behavior, The Gift of Fear will help you separate real from imagined danger, give you confidence in a sometimes threatening world, and make your life measurably safer.

Fear Less: Real Truth About Risk, Safety, and Security in a Time of Terrorism
Gavin de Becker's landmark book The Gift Of Fear showed millions of readers how to better protect themselves from violence and unwarranted fear. Now, in Fear Less, de Becker answers the questions many Americans have been asking since September 11th:

* Can air travel be safe?
* What is the risk of biological or chemical attack?
* Can the government detect and prevent future acts?
* How can we best talk to our children about what has happened and what might happen?
* What can we do to reduce fear and worry?
* What specific steps can we take to reduce terrorism?
* What are terrorists likely to do next?
* Most simply, is everything going to be all right?

De Becker says, "Just as your imagination has placed you in frightening situations, it is now time to place yourself in empowering situations, time to see that you have a role to play, and contrary to so many TV news stories, it isnit just victim-in-waiting."

Fear Less offers specific recommendations that can enhance our national security and our individual safety -- and help put fear into perspective. Nobody in the world understands risk and safety better than Gavin de Becker. At a time of uncertainty, terrorism, and a whole new set of rules, it is hard to imagine a more important, more reassuring, and more necessary book than Fear Less.

Combat Focus Shooting: Intuitive Shooting Fundamentals

Praised by experts and students alike for his practical approach to intuitive shooting techniques, Pincus has brought his program into a skillfully written dialogue featuring sections including: Working with what the body does naturally, Background and Philosophy of Combat Focus Shooting, Combat (or Defensive) Accuracy, Combat Focus Range Drills, The Critical Incident Reload, Volume of Fire, and The Balance of Speed and Precision. Pincus book covers the content and underlying principles of the revolutionary Combat FocusTM Shooting Course in their entirety. Combat FocusTM Shooting is the intuitive shooting program that is designed to work with what the body and mind do naturally during a dynamic critical incident. This program helps the shooter to learn the Balance Between Speed & Precision and use either sighted or unsighted fire as appropriate to get combat-accurate hits efficiently during a lethal force encounter. Pincus' Combat Focus Shooting program has been incorporated into law enforcement and military training programs across the country and has been taught to security and police officers, military special operations personnel and instructors from around the world. In addition to these armed professionals, hundreds of self-defense students and beginner shooters are taught how to be safer through more efficient shooting in the Combat Focus courses every year, both at Valhalla Training Center and other locations.

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

The ultimate resource for experiencing the backcountry!

Written by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury, "Bushcraft 101" gets you ready for your next backcountry trip with advice on making the most of your time outdoors. Based on the 5Cs of Survivability--cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages--this valuable guide offers only the most important survival skills to help you craft resources from your surroundings and truly experience the beauty and thrill of the wilderness. Inside, you'll also discover detailed information on:

  • Choosing the right items for your kit.
  • Manufacturing needed tools and supplies.
  • Collecting and cooking food.
  • Protecting yourself from the elements.

With Canterbury's guidance, you'll not only prepare yourself for any climate and situation, you'll also learn how to use the art of bushcraft to reconnect with nature in ways you've never imagined.

Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Trek deeper into the wilderness with New York Times bestselling author Dave Canterbury! In this valuable guide, survivalist Dave Canterbury goes beyond bushcraft basics to teach you how to survive in the backcountry with little or no equipment. Using the foundation you learned in Bushcraft 101, Canterbury shows you how to completely immerse yourself in the wilderness with advanced bushcraft and woodcraft techniques. He covers crucial survival skills like tracking to help you get even closer to wildlife, crafting medicines from plants, and navigating without the use of a map or compass. He also offers ways to improvise and save money on bushcraft essentials like fire-starting tools and packs. With Canterbury's expert advice and guidance, you will learn how to forgo your equipment, make use of your surroundings, and truly enjoy the wilderness. Whether you're eager to learn more after your first real outdoor adventure or have been exploring the backcountry for years, Advanced Bushcraft will help you take your self-reliance and wilderness experience to the next level.

The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild

What to eat, where to find it, and how to cook it! Renowned outdoors expert and New York Times bestselling author Dave Canterbury provides you with all you need to know about packing, trapping, and preparing food for your treks and wilderness travels. Whether you're headed out for a day hike or a weeklong expedition, you'll find everything you need to survive--and eat well--out in the wild. Canterbury makes certain you're set by not only teaching you how to hunt and gather, but also giving you recipes to make while on the trail. Complete with illustrations to accompany his instructions and a full-color photo guide of plants to forage and those to avoid, this is the go-to reference to keep in your pack. The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild helps you achieve the full outdoor experience. With it, you'll be prepared to set off on your trip and enjoy living off the land.

In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection

Massad Ayoob grew up with weapons. His father was a jeweler who was maimed by an armed criminal--whom he killed, and whose accomplice he crippled.

Massad claims he began to use firearms at age four, and won his first of several hundred pistol awards as a teenager. He was captain of a first string pistol team at the age of twenty-two. Then he became a policeman in 1972.

In his career, he has become recognized internationally as one of the world's leading authorities on police weaponry, and regularly serves as a consultant and courtroom expert on firearms and shootings.

He has been the handgun editor of "Guns" magazine, and is a regular contributor to several other leading journals.

In this book, Ayoob advises the reader on the legal implications of firearms use in self-defense, and the whole subject of keeping, storing, carrying and using firearms.

He talks about basic gunfighting techniques, the calibers best suited for personal protection and how to choose a weapon, "common sense" as it relates to firearms use, and the deterrent effect of defense handguns.

This is a very good book, and it comes highly recommended by most knowledgeable shooters.

On Combat, The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace

"This new book is what our young warriors need. At one of David’s last briefings a Senior NCO approached me and said, "Sir, the army spent 18 years and thousands of dollars teaching me to kill. This is the first time I have been taught how to deal with it." This book will allow those not fortunate enough to hear David do their own preparation for the ultimate test." Lt. Col. Hal McNair Professor at the Joint Spec Ops University

About the Author
A former army Ranger, paratrooper, West Point Professor of Military Science and author of the classic book, ON KILLING, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is currently the Director of the Killology Research Group and one of the world's foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the psychology of combat.

The Global War on Your Guns: Inside the UN Plan To Destroy the Bill of Rights

The United Nations wants your guns. They want all of them-now-and they've found a way to do it. In fact, the U.N. is so cocksure it can commandeer the Second Amendment that it chose the Fourth of July, 2006, to hold its global gun ban summit in New York City. If you think there's no way an armed U.N. platoon of blue helmets can knock on your door to take your guns, this book just became your next must-read.

Wayne LaPierre's The Global War on Your Guns takes you inside the U.N. plan to destroy the Bill of Rights by attacking the one right that makes any right possible, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

LaPierre's well-researched chapters outline the threat itself, how the U.N. works, and the phalanx of international forces determined to eliminate the basic human right of self-preservation through elimination of all private firearm ownership.

In The Global War on Your Guns you will learn:

* How a 1997 land mine treaty molded the U.N.'s new strategy
* How the U.N. funnels your tax dollars to anti-gun member nations
* Why the U.S. domestic gun-ban crowd is investing big in the U.N.
* What U.N. disarmament has done to once-free peoples of the world
* How extreme U.N. gun laws can be enforced on Americans-even without a new treaty!

LaPierre exposes the labyrinth of international connections and cash flow that have moved this chilling threat from blueprint to binding treaty. At center stage, LaPierre spotlights global billionaires like George Soros and a colossal coalition of domestic and worldwide gun-ban and animal-rights groups led by the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) and its zealous leader, Rebecca Peters.

In previous books, LaPierre dissected the cultural war smoldering within American borders. But now, as LaPierre writes, "This is America's cultural war gone global." Read how to win it now, in the pages of The Global War on Your Guns.

More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws
Does allowing people to own or carry guns deter violent crime? Or does it cause more citizens to harm each other? Wherever people happen to fall along the ideological spectrum, their answers are all too often founded upon mere impressionistic and anecdotal evidence. In this direct challenge to conventional wisdom, legal scholar John Lott presents the most rigorously comprehensive data analysis ever done on crime. In this provocative work he comes to a startling conclusion more guns mean less crime. In what may be his most controversial conclusion, Lott finds that mass public shootings, such as the infamous examples of the Long Island Railroad by Colin Ferguson or the 1996 Empire State Building shooting, are dramatically reduced once law-abiding citizens in a state are allowed to carry concealed handguns.

The Concealed Handgun Manual: How to Choose, Carry, and Shoot a Gun in Self Defense
Timely because more states continue to pass concealed-carry legislation, this comprehensive handbook contains information on current state regulations, beginning and advanced shooting instruction, and updated safety advice. This guide covers everything needed to understand these subjects and offers tips on the importance of self-protection, selecting and buying a handgun, and methods of concealing weapons. In light of the current problem of violence in schools, this edition also offers detailed instruction on how to avoid all violent encounters. Information on the mental ramifications of self-defense is included as are actual stories of incidents of concealed-carry self-defense.

The Handgun in Personal Defense
A well-researched common sense guide to carrying concealed firearms and using them for self-defense. This book is written in an easy style that presents the subject in a way that everyone can understand.

Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat (DVD)
L.I.N.E. training is the Marine Corps' version of hand-to-hand combat which is taught to all Marine Corps recruits, both male and female. The Marine Corps uses these unique methods of self-defense because they are easy to learn, extremely effective, and can be easily incorporated into other martial arts systems.

These are the complete 12 lessons which will "arm" you with a variety of counter moves and counter strikes against physical attacks.

DVD, 60 minutes.

Marine Corps Close Quarters Combat Manual
The LINE (Linear Involuntary Neural-override Engagement) is the most efficient and complete system of military close combat ever developed. This official USMC instruction manual provides comprehensive instruction in all aspects of this deadly system, including unarmed combat methods, knife and bayonet fighting and use of improvised weapons.

A Primer on the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms (E-book)
Click the link to download (Adobe PDF 2.1 Mb)





The Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States


Kimber Life Act Guardian Pepper Blaster
PepperBlaster is the most advanced less-lethal self defense tool available today. It renders conventional pepper sprays obsolete and stops threats at a safe distance. Small, light and ergonomic, it carries easily in pocket or purse, and an integral clip also secures it to a belt. The outer body conforms to either a right or left-hand grip, and fits almost any size hand. PepperBlaster contains two cylinders with powerful concentrations of near pharmaceutical grade OC (oleoresin capsicum), a devastatingly effective irritant. Driven by pyrotechnic charges, the solution travels at 90 MPH with little chance of cross-contamination, and with enough energy to wrap around glasses or penetrate a face mask. Effect is immediate and lasts for up to 45 minutes. Unlike conventional sprays, PepperBlaster does not lose pressure over time.

Sabre Red Pink Pocket Pepper Spray Keychain Support Breast Cancer Model
Practice self defense with keychain pepper spray dispenser. Protect yourself from attackers with a pocket-size device that's easy to use. 2% OLEORESIN CAPSICUM QUICK RELEASE KEY RING AND BELT CLIP 1/2 OZ U.S. MADE PROCEEDS FROM THIS PURCHASE HELP FIGHT BREAST CANCER.Pocket Model can spray your attacker from 6 to 12 feet away. Keep out of reach of children. Pocket Model may not be effective against armed assailants or those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Follow the included first-aid instructions if the pepper spray comes into contact with your skin. Possession and/or use of this unit may be regulated or prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. If there is any question, check with your local police department. Pepper spray products may not be sold to minors (under age 18). This products cannot be shipped to Michigan, New York or New Jersey.

SOG Specialty Knives FSA-98 Flash II
The introduction of the new Flash line of folding knives debuts SOG's new patent pending S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology). This mechanism helps propel the blade open once the operator has initiated the one-handed opening action. They're fast as lightning, safe, and provide an extremely strong blade lock. This opening action is uniquely different from all others with its fast start and power curve throughout the movement of the blade. When closing the blade into the handle you actually feel as if you are cocking a side arm as the blade is held securely inside the handle. Invented by Spencer Frazer, who always manages to come up with something cleverly different, S.A.T. is the framework for this new line of lightweight folders. The piston lock is easily released with a sliding button. SOG also had the foresight to incorporate an additional safety lock that gives added security when the blade is closed. Note that when the switch shows red, you are ready to go. In addition to SAT, the handles (glass reinforced Zytel OR machined aluminum) are contoured with a new ergonomic sensibility that makes the knife a pleasure to use. SOG has also incorporated a new reversible, bayonet-mounted clip that extends from the back of the handle for the lowest, discreet carry possible and dual thumb studs for ambidextrous opening. Specifications: blade 2.5-inch; handle: 3.25-inch; weight: 2 ounces; AUS8 stainless steel blade (Rc 57-58); lfetime warranty, made in USA.

SOG TWI-11 6.2" Twitch II assisted opener
Yet another great knife, newly introduced from world-renowned knife designer Spencer Frazer, the Twitch definitely lives up to expectations: A twitch of your finger or thumb is all that you will need to open this blade: Once again, Spencer has taken the classic lockback design and pushed it to the next level. The Twitch features a pass-through lock bar from which the kick of the blade sticks through. By pressing on the kick, one is able to initiate the opening of the blade. SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.(TM)) then takes over to complete the full opening and solid lock-up of the knife. The S.A.T. mechanism only propels the blade open once the operator has initiated the one-handed opening action. This opening action is uniquely different from all others with its fast start and power curve throughout the movement of the blade. We also had the foresight to include a locking safety, insuring the blade doesnt open until youre ready. The safety can be engaged once the blade is open so that the locking bar cannot be released, in essence creating a double lock: With its hard-anodized machined aluminum handle, stainless steel blade, slim lines and two comfortable sizes, the Twitch is as fast as lightning, safe, and provides an extremely strong blade lock. Blade Length: 2.7. Overall: 6.2. Weight: 3.0 oz. AUS 8 Stainless Steel Blade (Rc. 57-58). 6061-T6 Machined Aluminum Handle. Lifetime Warranty. USA Made.

SureFire E2D Executive Defender LED Personal Defense Flashlight 200 Lumens
What do you do when things go bump in the night? If you're prepared for the worst, you reach for the E2D Defender, a personal safety device that packs a powerful defensive punch into a very small package. The Defender features: An advanced technology LED lamp that produces a spot-free beam so intense it can momentarily blind an attacker (eight times more lighting power than a standard two D-cell flashlight), and its crenellated Strike Bezel allows it to be used as a last-ditch impact weapon. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum coated in a super rugged military-specification finish, the pocket-size E2D Defender also features an optically-coated Pyrex lens; high-energy, ten-year shelf-life lithium batteries; a steel pocket clip, and law enforcement-style click-on/off momentary switching for blinding flashes or emergency signaling. A patented lock-out tailcap allows the light to be locked in the off position to eliminate accidental activation when stowed away.
Taser C2 Black with Laser Sight 31060
The TASER C2 can stop a threat up to 15 feet away (4.5 meters), allowing you a safe distance to protect yourself and family from an attacker. If a close quarter defense is warranted, the C2 doubles as a contact stun device to repel someone as a powerful and unexpected backup capability. TASER technology has proven itself as a safe and effective choice of self-defense with over 500,000 worldwide users.


The cost of ignorance is far higher than the price of our training.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Dan Kidder • BCI/ NRA Certified Instructor • (435) 868-8919 • Cedar City, UT
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